"The Rhyme Impersonator Show - Theme Song" (1:06)
What would a comedy show be without a theme song? Well our theme song is unlike no other!, filled with that NYC soul and swagger with a touch of Hip-Hop, R and B and Indian fusion as a hot "Tabla Beat" rocks in the background of the smooth and catchy rhythm's that will keep you dancing and loving The Rhyme Impersonator Show!
"I Keep on Begging" (1:20)
A hilarious song with a soulful and bluesy feel, featured in our "Tyrone The Central Park Beggar" comedy sketch.
"Freaky Mon - Freak Freak Remix" (2:45)
A hot reggae song from the album entitled: "Freaky Mon" produced by Executive producer "Richard Oliver Jr.", his very 1st debut album ever!. The song is featured in our hilarious asian theme sketch entitled: "Mr. and Mrs. Chow". 
"The Rhyme Impersonator Show - T-Shirts" - COMING SOON! 
Featured by our models at our various NYC sneak preview screenings, and one of the first fashion apparels for The Rhyme Impersonator Show featuring the face of "Uncle Charlie" our very first character created for the show. You can swag out your Rhyme Show T-Shirts in your favorite jeans or leggings. Made with 50% Polyester, 25% Cotton and 25% Rayon, it's a perfect addition to your spring and summer fashion collection. 
"The Rhyme Impersonator Show - Posters" - COMING SOON! 
Our posters are the coolest! With the face of "Uncle Charlie" our very first character created for The Rhyme Impersonator Show!. And if your lucky enough to attend one of our up and coming screenings or LIVE taping of our show, then your poster just might get signed by "Richard Oliver Jr.", the Executive Producer & Director of the show, or some members of our hilarious cast and crew. 


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