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An Acting & Model Demo Reel is a very important marketing tool for any aspiring actor or model. Having a good reel can be a huge deciding factor of whether or not an actor is granted an audition or model is booked for that Hi End photo shoot or fashion show.


We are working very closely with a creative team of professionals to also aid in all of your film production needs. And no matter what type of project we can approach it with the care and expertise that it deserves, from multi-camera or single commercial shoots, interviews to short and full length feature films.


We pride ourselves as unique innovators providing careful strategic planning and creative solutions that will surpass our clients expectations.


We provide pre-production services from script evaluation, concept development, budgeting, casting, location scouting, lighting, cameras, make up, special effects make-up, wardrobe, set design to final execution of your production or project.


Whether you need to develop your script, or expand your vision or concept, or raise additional funds for your project, WE are here to guide you through the process and help your project succeed.


We are honored to work with some of the most experienced professionals in post-production. All of our editors, audio engineers, sound designers, songwriters, artists, music producers, arrangers and composers, and all committed and passioanate about every project that we bring to them. 


We offer a full array of post production services including editing, coler correction, sound design and mastering, which are the essentials tools to bring all of your creative pieces together to bring to life the story that you wish to tell and convey to your target audience. 


We currently work with the latest software tools in the industry and ICP Entertainment is committed to staying on the forfront of the latest technology to perfect your project.

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